PICKUP is a burger restaurant with a simple look who had started last year
as a food truck in an open market in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Offers many basic items such as burgers, fries, and cola, And different types of sandwiches

The identity showcases simplicity, unpretentiousness, and reduction of the elements and shapes in the design while maintaining the premium taste, and this gives a sense of simplicity.
The logotype is bold and comes in a condensed clean shape which takes up a large amount of space, And the font we used for that is one of the sharp fonts GOBOLD typeface

The Arabic localization came to complement that. The Arabic logo was designed from scratch to match the Latin logo with half the height of the latin logotype.

One of the keys to PICKUP identity and art direction in general is the text and the use of typography and text hierarchy to represent everything

PICKUP is inspired by the monochrome style and focuses on the black and white colors in the identity and the exploitation of spaces to create comfort in the design in general.
We used Suisse Int’l font, the Sans-serif one of the Grotesk typeface which works perfectly with our identity

This is clearly visible in the design of the presentation, only the mockup on a black background, focusing on the details of the texture, and making most of the view from the top
This is a development and proposal of what we have already been designed.

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